Process is Progress

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.– Napoleon Hill

You are the sun. You have the ability to shine your light onto those who are aware and are grateful for your presence. In turn, they too will notice the infinite potential within themselves, and help others to achieve their purpose in this wonderful experience called life.

Your surrounding is a reflection of your life. You are a part of the infinite and thus, you have immense power to live the life that you want. You life is your own creation, whether they stem from choices made in the past, present or future. You are here to experience life the way you want to. You have a mind and the free-will to be creative with your own life.

We are never on our own: we are all interconnected and a part of the infinite. Nothing occurs by accident; everything happens for a reason. We weave into one another’s lives through a sequence of perfectly timed events, creating a beautiful piece of art. We may not be able to see the art from where we are, but we know we are a part of this art.

Take the responsibility: take charge of your life. Rediscover the infinite potential that is you. Reconnect to All That Is.