Fear is only the absence of love, just as darkness is the absence of light. Just like when you shine a light into darkness and the light becomes the only thing present, when you bring love into a place where there had been fear, you find that fear is there no more. – Eric Pearl

We fear the unknown. What is an unknown? What makes it unknown? I define the unknown as what lies beyond our limits.

So, why do we fear to go beyond our limits? Who sets our limits? Who sets our perceptions? Who sets our paradigms? Who sets our behaviour?

Most people blame everyone and everything for all that has happened to them. All but themselves. Why? Why is it never “our fault”?

Blame stems from fear.

Fear stems from the absence of love. 

When I was in the other realm, where the layers upon layers of my values and beliefs were stripped away and I was left facing the truth of who I am at my core, I learned that two primary forces—love and fear—had been driving all my behaviors. One or the other of these two forces was behind every single action I ever took, and I could clearly see that I’d in fact spent most of my life being driven by fear, not love. I understood with a sudden stunning clarity that to transform my life, whatever I said or did from that point on would need to come from a place of love instead of fear. – Anita Moorjani, “What if This is Heaven?”

The truth is, we are the manifestors. We are the creators of our own lives. The choices that we make shape our journey: the people whom we surround ourselves with, the situations that we are in, the lives that we live. Truth is, only one emotion can dominate us at any one time. 

Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. – Napoleon Hill

We need to expel the fear we have to make way for love to dominate. We need to let the love within us shine through to show us that our fear is merely a reality which we have created for ourselves because of the limits that we have set for ourselves as a result of years of conditioning. The breakthrough which we get by conquering the fear propels us to the next level of growth that we seek to achieve, for ourselves. Let this dominant emotion vibrate and radiate through you: let it “speak” for itself. 

When your actions stem from love, you are connected to the source, to the uni-verse, and others around you will start to notice you. Why? Because it will appear to be a strange yet familiar vibration that they sense from you. They, too, will proceed to change their own vibration. 

From now on, I challenge you to take on a new meaning to F.E.A.R: 

Face Everything, Accept Responsibility