How Reconnective Healing helped me discover my path

I first came across Reconnective Healing when I was searching for an alternative healing method to complement my son’s recently diagnosed rare autoimmune condition. I wanted something that would not conflict with his medications; something that was simple which didn’t require another diagnosis to tell me about his “other problems.” I knew of energy healing but I wasn’t interested in constant therapies, particularly when he was barely 2 years of age at the time and it would have been impossible to tell him to  lay down on a massage table on his own for 30 minutes, fully relaxed.

When I posted my request for a recommended reiki healer at the bulletin board at work, a colleague recommended his friend who not only did reiki, but also Reconnective Healing. I had never heard of it previously, so I did my research online. I also read the first book by Dr Pearl and could feel the pulsation in my hands when I read it. I was also drawn to the comment that one doesn’t require more than 3 treatments for a particular condition, so I made the appointment, not really knowing what to expect. Secretly, I had wanted his condition to completely go away within the 3 sessions…

Jacqui was a lovely lady who allowed me to carry my son on my lap whilst she proceeded to work on the both of us. The whole time, I comforted my son, but I could also feel the frequencies as she worked on us, even from across the room. It was obvious that he could feel it too: his eyes followed her around the room.

As mentioned on The Reconnection website:

“Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. Often healings are reported in an instant in just one session. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for a healing to unfold. Your healing may come in the form you anticipate… Or it may come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the universe has designed specifically for you.”

In my case, it was the latter.

My son’s condition didn’t miraculously go away, as I had secretly hoped. My back pain from labour did, however, go away after the first session by the time I got into the car to drive home. In our case, the true healing for us both was deeper; it went beyond the physical.

My son is still diagnosed with the condition, 6 years later. However, I would like to believe that RH has helped him in some sense. He isn’t your typical patient: in fact, muscularly, he may be doing better than most of the other patients with the same condition. His skin component still plays up, but we feel that as long as he is doing well muscularly, and he is not experiencing very bad skin conditions causing ulcers all over, he is in a better state than when he was first admitted into hospital.

As for me, I had The Reconnection done about 1 month after I took my son to see Jacqui. I don’t know what it was but something within me told me that it was the right thing to do. Just prior to the session, I would see 333 everywhere I went. I had a photography session for myself, in the hope of boosting my confidence and changing my perception in life, and I accidentally came across a photographer/makeup artist who was an NLP coach.

My Reconnection

Day 1:

I went to the session with no expectations, and I am glad I did. My experience was way beyond what I could have ever imagined. Alongside the normal registers that I had read about, and experienced when I was with my son, I heard positive, reassuring voices telling me my purpose here in this lifetime. I felt an opening in what most people call the third eye. I saw colours and images. Most surprisingly, both Jacqui and I smelled what I referred to as Chinese incense (Jacqui didn’t know what it was and couldn’t pin point it but I could because I had grown up with the smell). As I drove home, uplifting, positive music played throughout my journey (and my car was set on a conventional, commercial radio station). When I got home, I sorted out my daughter’s old clothes. When I came out, my husband asked if I had changed the channel on baby monitor in her room. I told him I hadn’t even gone close to the baby monitor, as it was on the other side of the room. Somehow or another, I had changed the frequency of the room, just by being in the room!

Day 2:

Again, I heard the positive, reassuring voices, telling me similar things to what I had heard on the first day. I saw different colours this time round. However, this time, I felt soreness in the palms of my hand and on my feet. The soreness on my feet was quite bad: it was as if I could feel Jacqui pulling nails out of my feet. After the session, Jacqui revealed to me that her hands shook uncontrollably as she worked on my hands; it was something she had never experienced before in all her healing and Reconnection sessions. She felt certain that I would be a healer one day.