There is growth in every obstacle

Within every crisis, within every confrontation we have in our lives, within every obstacle we encounter, there is growth manifested at the same time. And I think that people need  to be very creative in terms of being able to take that crisis, that obstacle – whatever you want to call it – and then turn that into “Where is the growth from the experience?” There is in that moment, in that crisis, growth to be mined. So, it becomes much more creative than “What did I do to deserve this?”. It turns into, “I’m taking responsibility for what is happening around me.”
“What did you sign up for when you came into this lifetime? What were the challenges you set up for yourself? It isn’t that you came to “experience” and just be. It’s like you created a syllabus before you ever got here. Then, through your going through the syllabus, you have graduated into whatever level you want in terms of your growth. You laid out the obstacle course. You chose the circumstances in which you were born. You chose the things that you were going to have to confront. You made the hurdles higher. That’s where the creation comes in. Before you ever were put into this plane. It’s a challenge. Life is a challenge in the good sense. The challenge is for the participant to overcome these obstacles, and in the obstacles is growth. Transforming the energy that you have – the circumstances that you’re having – and becoming more vivid in the living of it and more creative in the process of it. Joy comes through being able to handle a circumstance and create value out of it and move forward and let it propel you to higher levels.”

– Solomon (from Solomon Speaks)