What is Healing? 

For most people, healing has the connotations associated with physical, instantaneous and miraculous disappearance of an illness or a disease. That was also my belief for a number of years…

It has always perplexed me what healing or being a healer meant. I have been told by numerous people that I was a healer but I don’t work in the health industry and I didn’t see myself conducting miraculous healings for others. I mean, my RH clients have had their pain relief almost instantaneously, but I have not yet made someone walk away from his wheelchair. Certainly, my son’s condition didn’t miraculously go into spontaneous remission. 

Then, I came across the quote above, and everything that I had read by Solomon and Eric Pearl and by Abraham-Hicks fell into place. 

We have been so conditioned on this physical plane to believe that we are purely physical beings, living in a physical world, that we have completely ignored the true essence of who we are. In truth, we are light beings, occupying a physical body so that we can convert the non-physical ideas into its physical form, thereby learning more about our own capabilities through the process. 

Let me illustrate how we are essentially an energy field. Our bodies are essentially made up of cells (about 50-60 trillion of them), which are made up of atoms, which are 99.97% made up of energy. That then makes us as energetic beings with our own energetic structures that we have formed based on our beliefs (since we were young). These structures intermingle with other energetic structures such that our energy fields change depending on who we surround ourselves with. This thus explains why we feel differently when we are around different people, because, ultimately, what forms our own energetic structures is dependent upon how we feel. 

As Einstein said: Matter + Field = Structure. Our bodies are our matter or physical structure, our field is our feeling, and when they are combined, it gives us our personal energetic structure.

Our inner beings are essentially perfect, as has been discussed by Anita Moorjani and others who have gone through NDEs (Near Death Experiences). Our problem lies when we are told that we are insufficient, inadequate, imperfect and when we believe what we have been told, taking them to be true. There is a divergence between our true perfect inner self and who we think we are, and as Anita has tried time and again to tell people, we always need to be ourselves. What she is saying is that we can get the miraculous healings that we so desire, if only we align our physical and non-physical beings. If we are willing to let go of our imperfections, and listen to our bodies as our internal wake-up calls, we then no longer treat the bodily symptoms alone, but we begin to understand that our body is trying to get us aligned with our true self. 

Healing comes to us when we realise that it can occur beyond our physical senses, as we allow ourselves to be more aligned with our inner (light being) self. When we are willing to let go of our rooted consciousness, and begin to tap into our intuition that is connected to infinite universal intelligence. 

Healing comes when we identify our problems, we treat them as learning opportunities and we move forward, conquering our fears of imperfection to reveal the true self, the inner perfection and wholeness. 

Are you ready to be healed?