Self Image

As I come to terms about who I am and who I want to be, the above quotes really sums up what I currently feel about myself. 

My inner desire tells me to get out there and spread the word, help others raise their vibrations to live the life I truly desire, my internal self-image tells me a different story. I started to “spread the word” some time ago but I’m continually focussed on having no interests or responses from people. I continually look for validation of what I want in the physical world, with disappointment and defeat. Here I am wanting to contribute to evolution and growth, and I see no support from the universe; or is that really the case? 

As I was doing lesson 6 of TIR, I had an intuition that I was lacking self confidence. When I finally listened to the additional MP3 that came with the consultant’s package of lesson 6, the universe had delivered to me what my intuition was telling me these past few days. Confidence. 

Bob said that confidence is developed when we are connected to spirit doing what we love. And as we align our spirit with our goals, doing something that we are good at, our confidence level continues to grow. Validation is what we use as we grow from within: and if we are feeling positive about ourselves, that validation will be positive. However, if we are focused on the lack of something, a positive validation will not be there for us.  

My problem is that even though I feel connected to spirit, my self-image of myself holds me back. I don’t allow myself to feel confident in speaking to others about my passion, thus deterring myself from my own goal. My paradigms have been so hard wired that I needed to look externally for positive validation of the good that I’m doing but I’m shown the opposite at this stage. Environment is but MY looking glass and it’s showing me the lack of my objective. 

There lies the gap between my desires, and the validation of my desires. Belief relates to confidence. Faith relates to confidence. To believe is to have faith that it will happen, and once the scale is tipped in favour to the subject of what is wanted, validation will come in its physical form to us.